Jen's Preggers Bio:
I attended Teacher Training in 2005.  It had always appealed to me, not so much because I felt called to teach, but I wanted to go deeper and learn more about this yoga I loved.  One of my favorite memories is of the day I had a 102 degree fever.  I was sooo sick, but had to attend class. I remember lying on my mat crying from sheer exhaustion.  BUT!  Not only did I get through class, I felt better once I finished.  At one point during that class, lying on my sweaty mat I thought, “well if I can get through this, childbirth can’t be much harder.”  I was right, or at least prepared.  Ten months later I gave birth to my first child, Maya.  I went through many hours of back labor, after which I was given two and a half epidurals.  They were about to wheel me in for a caesarean when all of a sudden I went from one centimeter to ten.  Even though I was effectively numb from the waist down and had gone through thirteen hours of labor, I was able to push for the next two hours and bring my daughter into the world.  Without all my yoga strength, endurance and focus training, I would not have been able to isolate my muscles, even though I couldn’t feel them, and I’m sure I wouldn’t have had the endurance to last all those hours up to and though the pushing.  

Four and a half years later, our Charlie arrived.  This time, we decided to have a home birth.  Once again I had back labor.  Our midwife later said it was one of the harder births she had seen.  Yoga helped me not only with a difficult birth, but also in the six months of colic and three years of extremely broken sleep that followed. There were many days when the hot room helped me keep my sanity and health.  Pregnancy is different for everyone, and no matter what kind of great shape you are in, genetics play a big part.  I am so grateful to have had this powerful healing series through the gorgeous, infuriating, sacred months and years of pregnancy and early parenthood.  Come get in the hot room and get your peace!