Rates are subject to change. Purchases are final

Students must sign in at front desk before entering dressing room

Sign in starts 30 minutes before class

Studio closes 30 minutes after class

If late, Students will only be permitted until the end of pranayama breathing upon request

Please inform the instructor if you need to leave early and set up your mat in the second row and by the door

Cell phones are not permitted in the yoga room

Text and email only in the lobby and locker rooms. No voice calling or camera recording permitted in locker room

During peak times, keep shower duration to 3 minutes or less

Only mat, water and towels allowed in the hot room : 

   Students must practice on a mat and at least 1 towel minimum

   Students must wear appropriate yoga clothing (no underwear, bathing suits, etc.)

    Please align your mat and  do not block another person’s view of the mirror

Please practice proper hygiene including clean feet and body

Please be conscious of disruptive behavior during class and respect others moving

Meditation : 

 do not enter or exit the yoga room while others are in a posture

 do not chew gum in class

do not drink water while other students are in a posture

 do not wear heavy perfumes or scents in the yoga room

do not pour water on yourself during class

  do your best to keep sweat on your mat

Lost and found items will be held for one week as a courtesy. We are not responsible for any items left at the studio